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Looking for a skin expert to treat your prolonged acne breakout permanently  ? Look no further than our clinic !  Millennium Clinic Kuala Lumpur is located at KL Eco City where it is the most popular spots for aesthetic community.

Our Certified Doctors are specialise in treating acne probpem with our personalised acne program. We have everything you need to look and feel your best. Come see us today and see what we can do for you!

We Have Years of Experiences In Treating Acne Problem !

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Leah Malabanan            

40 yo, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

2 August 2023

Pico Laser

I feel much better and more confident! I strongly recommend this clinic !

I’m just so happy to discover Millennium Clinic few months back! It was June this year when my acne became worse than ever! At first, I was trying to experiment on different products and routine, but it just kept getting worse. I decided that I needed professional help. Thank God, I found Millennium clinic through careful and meticulous web search! I immediately felt Dr. Diana’s concern and willingness to help me resolve my acne. She made me realize that my acne could be due to something happening inside my body. She didn’t force me into their products or treatments, but politely gave me treatment options. She gave me sample products that I can try and leaflets to know more about the treatments; and gave me time to think over. She gave me antibiotics due to the severity of my acne and advised on supplements to take. Her staff are also equally warm and accommodating! After a couple of months under their care, my inflammation is gone and left only with dark spots. I feel much better and more confident! I strongly recommend this clinic!!! The only thing I regretted is not being able to find them much much earlier!


Alia Azmi                   

25 years old, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Para Legal

11 May 2023

Pico Laser

I can go out confidently with my bare face !

I have been fighting acne for the pasr few years. My self esteem was shot and I tried to avoid mirrors. Then I met Dr. Diana at Millennium Clinic KL.I can go out confidently with my bare face. Thank you Millennium Clinic KL.

Nurul Ikhtima                   

28 yo, Marang, Accountant

5 March 2023

Pico Laser

I love how Dr Emma Diana and her staff help me and treats my problems. !

I first came to Millenium Clinic KL with my acne face(look at my first picture) due to allergies i’ve been dealing with. I tried so many products to cure my acne problem but it doesn’t worked. I decided to go there to try their chemical peel and the products recomended by Dr Emma Diana and after one session i can feels my skin is getting better. I try to regularly making treatments once a month and finally i can feel my skins are very well fixed (look at my second picture). I am very confident with my face now .. i love how Dr Emma Diana and her staff help me and treats my problems. Thank you Millenium Clinic

Khairunissa Ramli           

25 yo, Pantai Dalam, F&B

23 August 2023

Pico Laser

Korang takkn menyesal buat treatment dekat situ !

Tbh , this one salah satu tempat aesthetic yg berjaya pulihkan my skin from breakout teruk before this . One of the aesthetic yg affordable dari segi harga bg yg nak try untk permulaan sbb setiap bulan ada promotion yg akan ada . .Then quality mereka menjaga hygiene sgt sgt lah bgs Doktor sgt sgt lembut & baik and staff dia pon peramah & bgs jaga quality patient . Setiap treatment yg dibuat sgt sgt bgs & quality sgt sgt high quality . Dorang takkn buat sesuka hati dekat muka kita , before buat treatment dr akan consultant skin & advice apa patut untuk skin kita dlu . Sesiapa yg nak dapatkn best service & skin yang cantik elok , bersih & berseri jgn lupa pergi dekat Millenium clinic KL . Korang takkn menyesal buat treatment dekat situ .


35yo, TTDI, Safety Officer

18 Feb 2023

Pico Laser

I can say that the skin has improves a lot like 80% !

My honest review. I’ve been suffering on acne and acne spots since Dec 2019 & tried lots of product to clam the skin but it doesn’t work. So, finally I made up my mind to book for an appointment at this clinic since it recommended by a friend. I can say that the skin has improves a lot like 80% l, just to heal on few spots and some bumps (maybe its too oily at certain area). Consultation and detailed explanation by the doctor and friendly staff. The clinic is also always in a clean condition and makes you feel warm and welcome.
Please do come and give it a try on their services, really recommend them!

Rabiatul Atikah                

23 yo, Raub, Pahang

18 Feb 2023

Pico Laser

Worth every penny you guys spend here !

Hi, I am a person who has quite severe acne problems. After treatment at this clinic. Alhamdulillah after several sessions with the doctor and consultant, my skin condition is getting better and my acne condition is decreasing. If you are looking for a clinic that can reduce the effects of acne, you can try coming here. From the doctor’s session to leaving the door of my clinic for 5 stars. Worth every penny you guys spend here


29 years old, Abdullah Hukum, Finance

18 Feb 2023

Pico Laser

My skin is getting better !

Very satisfied with the service and treatment here. My skin is getting better . Highly recommended!


30 years old , Gombak

18 Feb 2023

Pico Laser

I recommend to try is dermapen as it gave i would say ‘instant’ result!

I read most of good review about Millennium Clinic through Erufu then give it a try to treat my breakout especially around my forehead. Try out their silkpeel and dermapen and the best I recommend to try is dermapen as it gave i would say ‘instant’ result! I wish i tried dermapen earlier! Dr Diana and staffs Fairuz and Sharina super duper nice and friendly, knowledgeable and professional in conduct. No hard selling. They also can accommodate to your budget and customise to your skin need. The most important part I like about this clinic, they are very attentive about cleanliness. Hygiene 100%! This clinic is not only providing asthetical treatment but also cover medical and have few panels. Pmcare is one of it. Highly recommend this clinic and will continue my treatment here.

Don't Delay Anymore ! Get Rid Your Acne Problem Effectively. Book Personalised Session With Dr Diana !

Dr Diana is a highly experienced and certified skin & aesthetic doctor who has been practicing for over 10 years. She is certified by the Academy of American Aesthetic Medicine and a LCP Certified Aesthetics Physician. Throughout the year, Dr Diana has help over numerous of patients who sufferred acne problems for quite long time making her one of the most experienced doctors in her field.

    Dr Diana is highly sought after for her expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine, and is known for her gentle touch and natural results. She is passionate about her work and loves helping people feel confident in their own skin. Her patients often comment on her warm and caring nature, as well as her surgical expertise.

    Now Your Turn ! Book Personalised Acne Treatment Consultation With Dr Diana !

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