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Millennium Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Award Winning Skin & Aesthetic  Clinic In Kuala Lumpur

Looking for a skin expert to get rid your hyperpigmentation permanently  ? Look no further than our clinic !  Millennium Clinic Kuala Lumpur is located at KL Eco City where it is the most popular spots for aesthetic community.

Our Certified Doctors are specialise in treating hyperpigmentation problem including melasma, freckles or acne pigmentation with our advanced procedure. We have everything you need to look and feel your best. Come see us today and see what we can do for you!

We Have 10+ Years of Experiences In Treating Various Hyperpigmentation Problems !

Acne Pigmentation

Acne pigmentation occurs when the skin retains dark or red marks after acne breakouts, often leaving individuals feeling self-conscious. Say goodbye to acne pigmentation and hello to a smoother, more confident you with our proven solutions.

Melasma / Birthmark

Melasma is a skin condition characterized by dark and patchy pigmentation, often appearing on the face. Our clinic offers effective treatments to reduce and manage melasma, helping our clients achieve more even and radiant skin.


Freckles are small, pigmented spots that can appear on the skin, often as a result of sun exposure. They can be a source of frustration and affect the overall appearance of your skin. Our experienced team offers effective treatments and solutions to reduce and even eliminate freckles, helping you achieve clearer and more even-toned skin.

Rated 4.9 Stars

In Over 166 Reviews

Syazwani Sarah                 

31 yo , Gombak, Etika

2 August 2023

Pico Laser

The price is very economical and I am happy to have treatment here !

Great service and visible result. I had nice experience since started going here. Staff and doctor are really helpful with my concerns & inquiries.

I have received laser treatment and Dermapen4 to treat my pigmented acne scarred skin before. Dr Diana explained the types of treatment and how to treat scars pigmentation  effectively. The staff also provides care after treatment. Now I just need to maintain my skin condition. The price is very economical and I am happy to have treatment here.


Kuala Lumpur

2 August 2023

Pico Laser

Saya berasa yakin dengan kulit saya tanpa menyembunyikan jeragat dengan make up tebal. !

Bermula dengan rawatan awal untuk sihatkan semula kulit sehinggalah dapat membaiki masalah jeragat yang telah bertahun lama saya menanggung dengan berbagai product saya cuba. Di Millennium Clinic KL saya mendapat nasihat daripada Dr Diana berkenaan kulit saya. Saya yakin dengan kepakaran dan rawatan yg saya perolehi. Saya mencuba Sylfirm X, Dermapen4 dan laser seperti yang dinasihatkan oleh Dr Diana. Sekarang saya berasa yakin dengan kulit saya tanpa menyembunyikan jeragat dengan make up tebal.

Datin Faziah                     

67 yo, Business woman, Kuala Lumpur

27 August 2023

Pico Laser

So ladies if you wanna be what you wanna be, this is the place!

It’s a clinic where you can do your medical checkups as well as getting your esthetic treatment 😍I had been getting my beauty care and skin treatment with satisfactory result. For those ladies & men who care for your beauty and look, I highly recommended this clinics. Very professional and courteous in their service. So ladies if you wanna be what you wanna be, this is the place!

I have been to a clinic for a long time and did laser with the same result, but when I came here, Dr Diana suggested me to do treatment to help with my skin barrier and to make my skin stable and stronger with microneedling and and topicals and Dermapen 4, then we continue with Skin boosters and Lasers. Results are amazing and long lasting. My skin pigmentation had never been this stable before. Thank you Millennium Clinic KL & Team. They tried the best to help me with the good outcome. I am satisfied.


32 years old, Bachok, IT Officer

20 May 2022

Pico Laser

Rasa kesan birthmark sangat berkurangan !

Sejak dari dulu lagi saya ada birthmark ni, kadang-kadang ada la rasa tak senang hati bila orang tak kenal tegur, saya tengok online dan jumpa rawatan laser di Millennium Clinic KL, rawatan di sini saya dah buat  sebanyak sepuluh kali, dan rasa kesan birthmark sangat berkurangan. Saya rasa sangat comfortable dan seronok dengan service &  buat rawatan disini. Siapa yang ada masalah yang sama, don’t give up, mesti ada solusinya. Boleh contact Millennium Clinic KL

Wan Aziah               

59 yo, Kuala Lumpur

2 August 2023

Pico Laser

Gembira apabila saya dapat perubahan sangat ketara dalam rawatan jeragat !

Rawatan laser dan Dermapen4 sangat membantu dalam proses menyihat semula kulit saya. Jadi saya berasa gembira apabila saya dapat perubahan sangat ketara dalam rawatan jeragat !


32 yo, Tanjung Sepat , Junior Executive

2 August 2023

Pico Laser

 My condition getting better !

I had more than a year of laser experience with this clinic, I glad they provided nice and helpful services to get my condition getting better. It is for my for leg scar due to eczema. I also did medical treatment for my skin allergy before the dark spot treatment. Thank you Millennium Clinic KL. J


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Don't Delay Anymore ! Get our Hyperpigmentation Issue Treated Effectively. Book Personalised Session With Dr Diana !

Dr Diana is a highly experienced and certified skin & aesthetic doctor who has been practicing for over 10 years. She is certified by the Academy of American Aesthetic Medicine and a LCP Certified Aesthetics Physician. Throughout the year, Dr Diana has help over numerous of patients who sufferred hyperpigmentation problems for quite long time making her one of the most experienced doctors in her field.

    Dr Diana is highly sought after for her expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine, and is known for her gentle touch and natural results. She is passionate about her work and loves helping people feel confident in their own skin. Her patients often comment on her warm and caring nature, as well as her surgical expertise.

    Now Your Turn ! Book Personalised Hyperpigmentation Consultation With Dr Diana !

    • NPersonalised Treatment !
    • NClose-Up Detail Examination !
    • NDetailed Explanation
    • NFrequent Follow-Up !

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